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3 things to consider BEFORE making ANY business decision

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As a business owner you have to make many business decisions all the time, but how do you know if you are making the right decision for your business?  I feel there are 3 things you should ALWAYS consider before making ANY business decision.  These 3 things are:

  1. Logic– this is when we use our mind to think about the consequences of the decision.  We try to decide will this decision make logical sense for my business mission or goal?   Most business owners always consider the logical reasoning before making a business decision. Logical reasoning includes things like:
    • Does this make sense for my business?
    • How much will it cost me if I do this, or what will it cost me if I don’t do this?
    • How will this affect the bottom line?
    • How profitable could this be?
    • How much time and energy would I have to spend on this?
  2. Emotion–  Some business owners consider the emotional side of making a business decision, but not all business owners do.  The emotional reasoning includes:
    • How would this decision make me feel about the business?
    • How do I feel about working with the individuals involved?
    • Do I feel this could really work?
    • Is my heart in it?
  3. Spirit-  Now this factor is overlooked by many business owners, but could quite possibly be the most important factor.  The spirit is the small voice inside of you (your gut) that usually tells you whether this is right for your business or not.  It is not based on logic or feelings, but on your intuition!  Sometimes we overlook the spirit in making business decisions because logically  the decision looks like it makes sense, or even emotionally we really feel that it could work, but the spirit is somewhat like knowing but not recognizing.  The spiritual reasoning includes:
    • Not really being able to explain why it makes sense or does not make sense, but you just know
    • Not being able to reason whether a decision is right or wrong, but you just know
    • Not relying total on your feelings, but relying on the sense or the direction the decision will take you
    • Paying attention to those small clues that are usually overlooked that give you guidance and direction on the right decision to make

Each decision factor is very different, but all are necessary and should be considered before making ANY business decision!

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5 Reasons Why Your Networking Should Be Organic

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Image Source:  Boston North Business Association

I recently hosted a webinar for Independent Ladies Club entitled, “Master the Art of Successful Networking”, the speaker Erika Anderson talked about how networking should be organic and not forced, and we should think of networking as building friendships.  This made me think about the top 5 ways to network organically:

1.  Treat networking like dating–  When you meet someone at a networking event you shouldn’t think of them as someone who should be ready to purchase your product or service today, tomorrow, or even next week for that matter, but someone who you would like to get to know more about and to find out if there is a possible business connection.  Just like dating, successful networking takes time and effort to get to know someone on a deeper level.

2.  Listen more than you talk–  Communication is key with any type of relationship and is especially important when learning about someone at a networking event.  Some people have a habit of talking about how great their business is and what a great product they have, and they never take the time to truly listen and learn from the other person.  When you truly listen and understand, you get to know what the needs of an individual may be and you can think about how you can help him or her.

3. Make a connection on a personal level–  No matter how different we all are, there are usually key things that we can connect on, like hobbies, places we’ve lived, places we’ve traveled to, schools, sports, music, etc.  There is always something you can find in common with someone.  Try to connect on that personal level.

4.  Always think of someone in your network that would be a good referral or referral source for the other person–  When you listen carefully, you understand the needs or target market of the other person and  you can think about who you know that would be good to introduce them to or connect them with.  This is a great way to strengthen your connection with someone by showing you’re making an effort to help them out by introducing them to other people in your network.

5.  Strengthen the connection by connecting on social media-  more and more people find it acceptable to connect online for networking purposes.  If you meet someone at a networking event follow-up with them and deepen your connection by connecting online.  I recommend connecting on professional social networking sites like LinkedIn instead of more personal social networking sites like Facebook.  It’s a great way to keep the connection going long after the networking event has ended.

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