21 Things You Must Do to Get Amazing Email Marketing Results (Part 2)

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In the last post for 21 Things You Must Do to Get Amazing Email Marketing Results, I discussed the importance of consistently growing your opt-in e-mail list, for this post I will discuss the importance of the content in your e-mail.

Once you are consistently growing your e-mail list, you want to make sure that the content that you provide in your e-mails is valuable to your readers.  So how do you make sure your content is valuable?  Here are 7 tips to ensure you are creating engaging content:

  1.  Start with creating a great e-mail headline (better known as your e-mail subject line).  Make sure your headline is interesting and compelling enough for people to want to open your e-mail  (i.e. 7 reasons most people….., 5 tips to avoid……, etc.)
  2. Be sure to use existing content from your blog or website for the content in your e-mail.  Keep your content brief and to the point.  People don’t like to read long articles in e-mails, so keep it short and link the information back to your blog or website where people can get more information.
  3. Always add a Call to Action (CTA) somewhere in your e-mail.  A CTA encourages people to learn more about your business or to try your service or product (i.e. download my free e-book, sign-up for the next workshop, etc.)
  4. Be sure to link the content in your e-mail to additional information found on your website or blog.  This is also a great way to see what content your readers are more interested in, by finding out which articles they click on to read more.
  5. Make sure your content is 80% educational/entertaining and 20% salesy/promotional.  People don’t like to be sold to, but they love to be informed and educated, so be sure to inform/educate/entertain for the majority of your e-mail, and add a small portion of your e-mail as a chance to promote/sell your business.
  6. Add a discount or referral offer in your e-mail.  Offer your subscribers incentives for being on your list.  A coupon for a discount on your services, a special offer if they refer someone to you, a FREE download to your latest educational item, etc.
  7. Add social sharing links to your e-mail so people will be able to share your e-mail with the people in their networks

What type of content do you add to your e-mail to make it engaging?  

Just as equally important as the content in your e-mail is analyzing the results of your e-mail marketing efforts.  The next blog post in this series will discuss the best ways to analyze your e-mail marketing results.  Stay tuned for the next blog post or click here to download the complete checklist of 21 Things You Must Do in Order to Get Amazing Results from Your Email Marketing!


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