How to Create Loyal Customers Who Become Brand Ambassadors

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How to Create Loyal Customers Who Become Brand AmbassadorsThe best and most cost effective type of marketing is “word-of-mouth” marketing, and the best way to get word-of-mouth marketing is from HAPPY customers.  When you have happy customers, they become loyal customers, who can become your unofficial Brand Ambassadors.  Unofficial Brand Ambassadors are great for your business because they are market messengers for your brand, and they spread the word about your business for you.

This blog post discusses several ways you can create loyal customers who become brand ambassadors:

  1. Have an OUTSTANDING product or service–  this almost goes without saying, but it is worth saying because it is soooo important!  It is also listed as the first step because without this step, the other steps don’t really matter.  You have to have a product or service that not only delivers what is promised, but OVER delivers, that is what will make your product of service outstanding.  Once people fall in love with the product it will be easy for them to become loyal customers.  When they are ready to purchase your service again, they will think of you because your service was so outstanding.In what ways is your product or service outstanding?  Think of a list of at least five things that makes your product or service outstanding compared to others in your market place.
  2. Provide an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience–  when someone has an experience with your company, whether it is in person or on the phone, do you provide an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience?  Think of every aspect of the experience of purchasing a product or service from your company from beginning to end.  How is that experience exceptional for your customers?  People are so used to getting average or below average service now a days, so if you provide an exceptional customer experience, your company will stand out from the rest and you will create loyal customers and brand ambassadors.
  3. Be CONSISTENT–  Once you have an outstanding product or service, and you provide an exceptional customer experience, you must be consistent!  People need to know that whenever they purchase from you they will always receive the same outstanding product, and have the same exceptional experience.  Once they realize that your brand is consistent, they will more than likely remain a loyal customer and become a brand ambassador.
  4. Be QUICK to resolve any issues-  Because it is almost inevitable, you will have some issues come up either with your product or service, or with the customer experience, in those cases when that happens, be quick to resolve the issue and make the customer HAPPY.  As long as the issue is resolved in a timely manner and the customer is happy, you will still be able to keep your customer loyal and they can still become brand ambassadors.
  5. Be KNOWLEDGEABLE–    No matter what industry your business may be in, you will find you have more loyal customers when you are knowledgeable and provide good direction for your customers.  Once they know you are knowledgeable they trust your company more and will be happy to be an unofficial brand ambassador.
  6. Show that you CARE–  When your customers know that you care about them it can make a world of difference, and you will be able to create loyal customers.  In what ways do you show your customers that you care?  It can be as simple as making the sales process easy for them, or it could be adding additional products or services, or taking the time to learn more about your customers.  Sometimes it is the little things that show how much you care.

So in summary, in order to get loyal customers who become brand ambassadors, you must have an OUTSTANDING product or service, provide an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience, be CONSISTENT, be QUICK to resolve issues, be KNOWLEDGEABLE, and show that you CARE!  What other things do you think you need to do as a company in order to create loyal customers who become brand ambassadors?



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